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University of Westminster - Television

In 6 weeks from inception to air I produced a 30 minute live Television show with 20 of my classmates. We were tasked with incorporating several different elements  including musical numbers, fashion shows, interviews, and debates. I wrote the script for our hosts and assisted the director in camera shots and work.

View the script for Decade days by clicking the link below


University of Westminster - Television

With a team of 6 I produced a short documentary about a group of people that do not believe that they are human, Otherkin. Finding these people was its own challenge. Many of these people know that they are not ordinary and handling a sensitive issue of self identity was quite the undertaking.


University of Westminster - Television

In a 6 week period, I produced a short documentary with my same crew from Otherkin about the people that roam the Paris Catacombs. I sent my crew into the massive tomb with experts that explore them and to places ordinary people cannot see. All the places explored are not a part of the normal tour in Paris.


Cinequest - Picture the Possibilities

This was the first documentary I worked on. It premiered in the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA.

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